Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mama Lou's (Restaurant Write-up)

Italian cuisine has been in the country for many years now and the Filipinos have embraced it very well. Their cuisine is simple yet delicious. They could turn few ingredients into something wonderful. Italian food is uncomplicated but striking in flavor. The food gives a homey feel. It’s like comfort food but you can find it in fine dining restaurants. There have been quite a number of Italian restaurants emerging here in the metro. We were able to find one hidden in the streets of BF International Las Piñas at Tropical Avenue corner Palace Street: Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen.

Mama Lou’s is a house turned into a restaurant which opened only a few weeks ago. They started as a coffee shop then expanded into Italian cuisine and became a restaurant. You have to have keen eyesight to locate the place because almost all the houses look the same. The distinction is their signage outside. When you go in the place, it gives you the vibe of a home. From the setting of the tables to the decorations on the wall, it gives a comfortable feeling.

Hungry from the travel, we ordered some of their bestsellers. For appetizer, we got the Calamari Fritti (P225) which had about 15 pieces which is good enough for people to share. For pasta, we ordered the Seafood Olio (P295) which has a tomato based sauce with mussels, clams and shrimp. It was delightful and it is good enough for two. For pizza, you can either have one flavor or two flavors in one. So we ordered the two best flavors, Chef’s Special and Tabarnes (P280). The price ranges depending on the size of the pizza and the flavor, from small (10”), medium (14”) and large (16”). For main courses, the best seller is the steak which had different varieties like the rib-eye steak. We wanted to try it but it just wasn’t in our budget. Instead we ordered another of their specials which is the Paupiettes de Poulet (P390). It is breaded chicken with tomato and pesto sauce on top with salad on the side. It was appetizing and I could taste the freshness of the pesto in the sauce. Lastly, for dessert their specialty is their homemade cheesecake either with blueberry or cherry toppings but we went with the apple pie a la mode (P160). The warm apple pie surely went well with the cold ice cream.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to chill with friends or dine with the family, Mama Lou’s could be the right place. Their cuisine is unique from other Italian places and the ambience is sure to make you feel at home.

For more inquiries, contact:

Crystal Tremblay

Manager, Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

5191977, +639391901850